A two-day free ‘Pain Relief Camp’ was organized by ‘Art Creations Cultural Society’ in Tihar Jail, thousands of people gathered

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NGO ‘Art Creations Cultural Society’, took another big social initiative by organizing a two-day free “Pain Relief Camp” by world famous fitness guru Hanuman Chouhan Ji from Jodhpur Keru on 27 and 28 April 2024 in Tihar Jail, Delhi. In which shoulder jam, neck, back, leg, heel, muscle stiffness, hip joint, sciatica nerves etc. were treated and that too by touch method without any medicine and that too absolutely free of cost.

It is noteworthy that fitness guru Hanuman Chouhan is a famous personality who treats people through touch method, which is called healing touch in English. He has a wonderful cleaning machine in his hands and within two-three minutes the patient’s clogged veins open. People’s nerve problems get cured and they also take some medicine for pain relief. People from all over the world come to him for treatment. This ‘Pain Relief Camp’ was organized by NGO ‘Art Creations Cultural Society’, Tihar Employees Welfare Association and VS TV and was organized by Jain. In this, people got a lot of relief from pain.

On 27th April, pain relief was done for the prisoners and jail staff officers in jail number 7 while on 28th April, it was done in Tihar Jail Officers’ Residence Complex in which common people from all over the country including the State Head of NGO ‘Art Creations Cultural Society’ were present. One and a half thousand people got themselves treated.
Naresh Baisla, organizer and president of the NGO, told that he was also going through a similar problem, the solution for which was Guru Ji Hanuman Chauhan.

I went to meet Ji at his ashram in Jodhpur. I had just decided that we would call Guruji in Delhi and provide relief to people’s pain. In this we got special support from Tihar Employees Welfare Association President Vinay Thakur and Secretary Jitendra Singh. In future too, we will make every effort to continue organizing such free pain relief camps.

On this occasion, President of this organization Naresh Baisla, Vice President Mayank Jain, Treasurer Pankaj Chauhan, Secretary Mangeram, General Secretary Rachna Jain, Sarita Joint Secretary, Executive Secretary, Ved Prakash, Haryana Head of the organization Veerbhan, Program Director of the program Rishav Baisla were also present. Were present.

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